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Sur une invitation de Flora Moscovici dans le cadre de sa résidence aux Ateliers du Plessix-Madeuc, Territoires Extra.
Performance lors de la promenade du 7 Juillet 2018 et élaboration d'un audioguide.
Vidéo par ici


Performance along the riverside of La Rance in Brittany (FR) at the inauguration of the exhibition Certaines peintures se promènent (Some paintings wander around) by Flora Moscovici.

I accompanied the spectators walk, as a half-human half-animal circus character, hugging street furniture, embracing the landscape, borrowing gestures from horses or rabbits, jumping, performing cartwheels, riding a bike, canoeing, while singing a cheesy song.

The performance was created in situ during the week before, where I also conducted a series of interviews with several locals that use this path for different activities, such as the lock-keeper, young canoe champions, yoga practitioners, the Yvonne et Jean Haffen museum gardener, asking them their relationship to their practices, to get an insight of the encounter between this trail and my own performance. I compiled those interviews in an audio guide that was available at the museum for the duration of the exhibition.


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